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Our Dental Clinic is a place where you feel confident with your smile. Since every person’s dental needs are unique, we dedicate time to understand your needs to provide the best appropriate treatment for your complete oral health that is pain free, comfortable and satisfied treatment.
Emergency Dental Care Highland Park NJ
Dental Care Treatments in New Brunswick & Highland Park NJ
“Great service and treatment every time. Livy Dental is the best. Super friendly and professional.”

Jason M.

2 months ago
Gentle Painless Dentistry
“It was an excellent experience with no hidden surprises. The procedure was not stressful and every step was carefully executed.”

Lily C.

1 month ago
Dental Care in New Brunswick & Highland Park NJ
“Outstanding place to go for your dental needs. Very friendly atmosphere go out of their way to provide you with the services you need.”

Sergio M.

4 months ago

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